Tips Will Make Google Maps Even More Useful

When it comes to testing travel times and finding the nearest grocery store open late on a Sunday night, Google Maps is your go-to. You are missing out if you just use the Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone for the basics. There are a few features in Google Maps that you may not be aware of.

When visiting other countries, for example, you can use Google Maps to translate the name of the location you want to go to (such as a cafe), which is incredibly useful if you are taking a taxi. When you are at the airport, you can even use Maps indoors.

Share your Plus Code location with others (Android only)

You can now give your location to friends if you are unfamiliar with the place you are in. You can now share your six-digit Plus Code location with others using a new Google Maps feature for Android phones. Open the Google Maps app and tap the blue dot to get started (the one that indicates where you currently are). To share with mates, your six-digit code will be shown at the top of the screen.

 Customize your vehicle icon

Tired of driving while staring at a small blue arrow? You may replace the arrow icon with a vehicle icon to make it more customized. Select from a red sedan, a green pickup truck, or a yellow SUV.

Rather than looking for the blue arrow that blends in with the map, it makes it easier to see where you are on the map. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for iPhone drivers, but we expect it to be added to Android phones in the future.

Make sure you have a good mobile phone that can allow you to play casino games and access google maps.

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