Tips for Complimentary Casino Services

Complimentary Casino Services are not hard to get.

Gambling is fun but getting to win and earn a lot of free complementary services in the process is more fun.

Your casino can give you 10-15% of the bet that you will have lost in the form of comps. You will not just get cash unless you are a Highroller who would lose $100 000 or more on each trip.

Casinos mostly use the time that you spend in the casino to give you comps.

Below are the tips to get best complementary casino services

Attaining the best deals is key to getting Complimentary Casino Services

Make sure you ask is there are specials at your casino. check for the best signup bonuses online.

Also when you sign up, make sure you provide your email. That way you will get drawings and specials as well as monthly promotions that are pronounced through your email.

Make sure you play on special days

Casinos usually offer drawings and additional points on slow days. Take advantage of those slow days.

Use your points

Points usually expire if you do not use them so make sure you use them before they expire. Also, get a player’s card, you will get to use the points in the card to access free meals here and there.

Get the casino rate

Casino players get a discount when they use the hotel facilities of a casino. Players can get a 50 or 60% discount based on their status at the casino. Whether you are a Highroller or a regular player, you can get a discount at the hotel side of the casino.

Sneaky points

Make sure you use your card or ask a friend to use a duplicate of your card, this may earn you extra points. Avoid giving the card to strangers as this might get you in trouble.

Be enjoyable

Enjoy yourself when playing with others. Form a good relationship with other players, the pit boss and the dealer. The pit boss if more likely to pay attention to you in case of a hand that has a problem.

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