The most common online casino complaints

Online gaming has become a huge part of our lives, but it also comes with risks. Online casinos take in millions of dollars each year, but they still don’t always get it right. The problem lies in the fact that players deposit money into their accounts without knowing whether these transactions are secure or even legitimate. Let’s see some of the most online casino complaints below.

online casino

online casino complaints


Not paying out winnings on time

This is one of the biggest problems of online gambling sites. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing slots or table games, when something goes wrong the site will usually not pay out. Players lose thousands of dollars because this happens. Another common complaint about online casinos is that they won’t send out an e-mail to notify a player that he/she won money in the last game. Many times, you can request more info about your win by going through a special link given to you at the end of the game and once again there are no guarantees that it gets paid out. If you lose big, it could be months before you receive any payment from the website.

Overcharging for deposits and withdrawals

Another issue many people have is that some websites charge fees for making deposits and withdrawing funds. In reality, depositing money should be free because you want them to have enough money to keep running the website. Withdrawing money is often much harder than depositing so players shouldn’t be charged extra for doing it either. Some people may think they’re getting a better deal by signing up with a particular brand name, but there isn’t anything you can do about it. Even though companies like Neteller allow customers to make wire transfers directly from their bank account, the transfer fee adds additional costs which result in higher prices.

Lack of support

The third complaint people have about online gambling concerns how bad customer service is. When something goes wrong, it’s important that the company responds quickly and addresses issues appropriately. Most online gambling sites simply ignore any kind of problem that occurs or provide vague answers which don’t help anyone. For example, if someone asks why his/her credit card was charged twice, they might get a generic answer such as “there was a glitch” even though both charges were made legitimately.

In conclusion, these are some of the online casino complaints but as soon as the online casino sees these complaints they try by all means to help each and everyone and address each comment on time.



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