Huge Technology Trends in 2020

Technology has been changing the way things are run in many countries.  For so many years new technological gadgets and advancements have been developed.

To date more technological advancements are being developed. Here are some technological advancements that have been developed in 2020.

technology trends

technological trends in 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been in existence but it is now being used as a service.  So many companies are using Artificial Intelligence to improve their customer service.  There are Artificial Intelligence based systems that are being developed. These are however expensive which is why many companies are not using them.

5G Data Network

5G data network has very fast download and upload speeds. The connections of the 5G network are supper stable too. 5G is still new, it is available in developed countries. The network is still expensive and it is limited to a number of places. This network allows people to stream movies and shows at higher quality and speeds while they are no the go. The network will further advance the internet.

Autonomous Driving

Various companies have been trying to develop Autonomous vehicles in 2020. We might see them in the near future. This means we will see self-driving cars that will have the ability to change lanes and stop at traffic signs.

Predictive Medicine

There have been efforts to develop technological gadgets that will have the ability to predicts and treat diseases even before people experience symptoms of a disease. this technology is aimed at transforming the medical field for the better. Technology is already being used to fight some diseases. Personalised predictive medicine will help prevent some deceases because they will have predicted them before they happen.

Computers With Vision

These are computers that can identify objects, people or places. They use images or sensors to identify these objects.   Already your phone can detect which part of the photo that it is going to take is the face. Also, computers are being used as a facial recognition tool.

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