Supplements May Help Burn Fat as Compared to Exercise

Scientists have discovered supplements that can help burn fat without exercise. However, there are so many benefits to regularly exercising. Exercise increases appetite which leads to increased calorie intake. A recent study has which was published in the Metabolism journal may present a potential solution.

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This may be a perfect solution.

The study was conducted by the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre.

If a certain appetite suppressing supplement is added people will lose weight.

It is added to moderate exercise.

People will then lose weight without changing their diet.

Weight loss Supplements

Supplements that can help you lose weight

The Supplements

The study looked at a supplement called inulin-propionate ester (IPE).

Propionate is a short chain fatty acid.

It is produced in the digestion of dietary fiber by gut microbes.

It breaks down quickly in the body.

Scientists have chemically bound it into inulin in order to make the effects stronger.

IPE Can Enhance Weight Loss Without Dietary Changes- New Study

Scientists conducted a trial which consisted of 20 women aged 25 to 45.

The women had a body mass greater than 25.

The trial lasted for 4 weeks.

The participants were divided into two groups.

The groups participated in moderate exercise programs.

The other group was given IPE supplement.

Also, the other one was given placebo supplement which comprised cellulose.

The participants were told to maintain their eating habits throughout the trial.

The researchers then measured the participants while resting.

They measured fat oxidation levels using blood and gas samples.

The measurements were done both before the trial and after the trial.

Those who exercised while taking the placebo had no changes.

They  had no changes to their fat oxidation levels after the trials.

The group that was given IPE had showed a significant increase in fat burnt while resting.

Limitations of The Study

The study was however small and the period was also short-term.

The conclusion of the study requires more verification.

Another study needs to be done to prove the findings.


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