Steps to Prepare your Garden for Spring

Maintaining a good and healthy garden can have an advantage to you for a number of reasons. These include the fact that humans need oxy9gen that is produced by plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide that humans produce, a very important thing because carbon dioxide is not good for the atmosphere. Having a good garden requires planning and taking notes from your past mistakes also. Besides playing real money online games you can also do gardening for fun.

Let us look at how you can take some steps to prepare for your garden for spring.


Remove Weeds

You do not want to have a messy garden so removing weeds would be wise. Also remove leaves and from flower beds such that only soil will be seen.

Weeds might hinder the growth of your plants hence the need to remove them.

Clean your Green House

Cleaning your green hose will ensure that more sunlight will reach your plants when you plant them. Make sure the greenhouse is disinfected inside and outside

preparing your garden for spring

How to prepare your garden for spring

Prune Your Plants

There are some plants that will need p[-running before spring. These include spria, rose and wisteria. Some plants, however, do not require you to prune them before spring.

Order Your Garden Seeds Now

Order your seeds weeks before the spring season begins. This ensures that you have seeds to plant in the early spring season.

Wildflower seeds are good as they will ensure that your garden has cross pollination.

Prepare Soil for the Season

Loosen the soil by tilling it with a sharp spade. Mix the mulch leaves with the soil and remove leaves that are still fresh.

Adding compost will re-energize the soil. Check for insects that may affect your plants from growing.

Transplant Shrubs rem

Remove shrubs with soil clinging to the roots and make sure you plant it at the same level as it was before. make sure there is moisture soil before you transplant.

Apply Mulch

This will retain moisture in your soil. To mulch, you cover the top soil surface of your garden.

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