Small Dangerous Animals That we Underestimate

There are times that we look at a creature and underestimate it. But that should stop as of today after reading this brilliant piece on  small dangerous animals. And the ironic thing is that people often have the mentality that it is the big animals that are a harm to us.

Keep on reading and stay aware of the small creatures that you should be afraid of.

this frog is small dangerous animalsStay away from frogs

I remember the time that my cousins would make a little island for frogs. They would put the sand and it will be surrounded by water and they are the dry area as well with the little flowers and trees. Little did we know that some frogs are not to be played with.

The golden poison dart frog is the worst of them all. These frogs are colourful and are mostly found in northern South America. The frog is as big as the size of a paper clip. Get this, the poison of one of that just one is enough to kill 10 grown men. Now you see the intensity of these frogs.

Really mosquitoes?

As small as they are, they are very dangerous. There are mosquitoes everywhere. We know them for the annoying sound that they make. With some of the mosquitoes not being dangerous, some of them you really do not want to mess with as they will surely paralyze you.

Tsetse flies are well known in Africa. They cause a sleeping sickness that you do not want to get involved with. For those who think well, they love sleeping and they wouldn’t mind. You might want to rethink that.

Would you want to be sleeping whilst you are taking a piss, or you are on the bus? Or get this you go out for a date and start getting sleepy? Yes, we also thought that wouldn’t be so pleasant.

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