Quick rundown on types of Slot Machines

New slot players may be confused by the number of slots that they may come across. This is because there are different types of slot machines that are available on the market. In this article, we give you a quick rundown on types of slot machines to help you understand.

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Types of Slot Machines

Before we list the different types of slot machines, we want you to understand that the mechanics of slot machines remain the same. This is regardless of the type of slot machine you choose. Basically, you must match the same symbols in order to form a winning combination.

Classic Slots

Classic slots were the first to be designed. They have fewer reels and fewer pay lines, usually 3 reels and 5 pay lines. Also, they come with no extra bonus features. Furthermore, they do not offer high payouts and usually, do not carry any jackpots.

Video Slots

These are the most popular type of slot machines today. They come with more than 3 pay lines. People love video slots because they provide more entertainment, as well as more chances to win. Also, they come with bonus features or free spins, and great graphics too.

Flat Top vs Progressive Slots

With Progressive slots, you can win millions in jackpot prizes. Also, there is no maximum cap when it comes to how much the game can payout. This is due to the fact that the game has multiple jackpots that grow over time. The more that people bet on the game, the higher the jackpot becomes. Usually, the jackpots are triggered randomly. However, with Mega Fortune slot, you can win the jackpot when you hit the bonus game.

3D Slots

With 3D slots, the symbols and features appear in 3D. Also, the graphics are of very high quality as compared to the other slot types.

AWP or SWP Slots

These are played in an arcade or a public house. AWP stands for Amusement with Prize while SWP stands for Skill with Prize. They are designed to offer lower limits on the amounts that can be won and they’re not designed like the modern video slots.


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