Fighting sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation contributes a lot to how our day ends. Having enough sleep is just as important to keep a healthy body. Food and water are not the only necessities that we need to keep our body and mind fit and strong. We also need enough sleep. Being sleep deprived is dangerous and can lead to immune function and eventually to death. We need sleep to rest, rejuvenate and to keep healthy because not sleeping can have negative effects on the body. It leads to so many diseases like stroke, heart diseases. It even affects your mood.

Sleep deprivation can be a result of many things. It can be stress, dehydration. Too much work, overthinking among other reasons. Good thing there are things you can do to avoid sleep deprivation.

how to fight sleep deprivation

sleep deprivation

Avoid caffeine in the evening to fight sleep deprivation

Coffee helps to keep us active, it helps us to cope and stay awake because of caffeine. You can still have your coffee but make sure you make a morning habit. So that when night time comes you will still be able to get some sleep without the caffeine as it would have worked its way out of your system.

Make use of naps

Taking short naps can help you fight sleep deprivation. Taking these will help you supplement the hours you miss at night. You can only make use of this if you cannot create a sleeping schedule. It is advisable to have a consistent waking up time too. It helps as your brain will get used. Your brain has a process it does when you have a certain time you wake up an hour before that it has a way of increasing your hormone levels, temperatures, and blood pressure. So if you don’t have a regular time you confuse it and it can fail to do that process and prepare you to wake.

Sleep reservation

It is important to put some time out for other things. Keeping your mind constantly busy may contribute to your sleep deprivation. So it is wise to create a sleep sanctuary, where you take some time to rest and do other activities to relax your mind. You can use this time to play online casino games for real money. As much as you are relaxing you are also increasing your bankroll. Moreover, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Avoid mobile devices at night

Keeping your eyes locked at your devices orb seeing the glow from your phone, laptop or even television can keep you alert. Make sure you avoid lighting devoices during sleeping time. If you can’t then try to reduce the lighting.



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