5 Slang Words which have Become Not Cool Anymore

Like Online Casinos, slang words keep evolving according to the most popular thing that moment. We have certain slang phrases that were popular worldwide. However, these seem to have just become none existent.

Slang Words Evolution From Fat to P.H.A.T

After all the fat-shaming came around, a lot of slang words for fat also became popular. A good example is the use of P.H.A.T. The word abbreviation takes the Fat sound but has a different meaning. Specifically, it means Pretty, Hot And Thick (P.H.A.T). It became popular after the Monique Hicks movie, PHAT Girls.

Talk to the Hand

These slang words simply mean do not talk to me. They come back for the early 2000s. People began completing these slang words with my face is busy for emphasis. Additionally, the use of the hand gesture was done to further emphasize. Although it was for snubbing people off, it quickly went down on the popularity scale.

The Cribs era

After the introduction of MTV Cribs, the word set in and became popular. However, Cribs is not originally a 2000’s word. Thieves in the

Not So Cool Anymore Slang Words

Some Of the Slang Words that are Not Popular Anymore

early 18th century would use it to describe shops and houses. It took the slang words house meaning in the early 2000s. alternatively, people are now using cabins in place of cribs.


This is amongst one of the most popular slang words ever. The abbreviation word form 2012 means You Only Live Once. It brought fashion pieces, movies and even song from around the world. However, the word just slowly became unpopular and was just not used anymore.


Have you ever had a  social media relationship end without any warning? For example, has a person you were dating on Facebook just gone ghost on you? Well, the basis of this word is that someone just disappears on you and you have no form of communication with them whatsoever. This explains the common slang , “He ghosted out on me”.  It just means the person is just unreachable anymore.

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