Skin whitening

Really we have nothing against people who bleach their skin. But what made us write an article on it was what we saw the other day. Skin whitening has become the “it” thing nowadays. Usually, there are fashion trends, music and a whole lot of stuff but was skin whitening ever a trend?

What disturbed us the most was the fact that in as much as a lot of people are doing it, they are doing it wrong. We mean, if you have to bleach your skin? Yeah sure go to town with it! But just make sure that you destroy all the evidence. You don’t want to be colour blocking with a light-toned face and dark hands and slightly darker legs.

Because we have raised a problem now we give you the solution to it.

Natural Ways to Skin Whitening

Lemons, cinnamon, papaya, to help whiten your skin.

Natural foods that can help you bleach your skin with no after effects.

Go on and try a natural way, it might take a while longer for you to obtain the skin colour that you want but you will eventually get there. How does a papaya and honey mask sound to you? Forget about the appetite and start thinking about your skin.

What you have to do is take the papaya pieces and make a paste and add honey. Add the mixture to your face and leave for 20 minutes and wash it off. Always remember to pat dry your face. This method works mostly for people with oily skin and normal skin.

It is better to use natural ingredients because you get to avoid the after effects associated with artificial creams which include redness, rash, and even skin cancer.

Skin whitening is cheap when you use the right products. Skip that whole hustle of having to buy the expensive products and get oranges and natural yoghurt to do the trick. Yes! You heard that right. Take orange peels and get them to dry for 3 days. When they are totally dried out grind them into a powder and add them to the yoghurt and cleanse your face with the paste. After that leave that masks on for 15-20minutes and let the magic happen. Then rinse your face.

It is that simple, if you are into skin whitening, then go ahead and try it! And if you are into other trendy things try out the High Fashion online slot at Reels of Joy Casino. The Pokies is rewarding Aussies with real money prizes.



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