How to Pass time While Self-Quarantining

Self-Quarantining has become very important in the wake of a deadly coronavirus virus.

So many countries including Australia have been affected by Coronavirus. There are 37 new cases of Coronavirus that have been recorded as of Sunday, making the national total new cases 171.

A total of 14 new cases are from Victoria, seven new cases have been reported in Queensland. The total number of coronavirus cases nationally now stands at 350.

To date, two people have died due to the virus.

The government has said all people entering the country should self-quarantine, failure to do so, they will be penalised.

Most casinos are now being closed around the world while others decided to practice social distancing.

Finding something to occupy yourself with is very important for your mental health in these trying times.

Here are some activities you can do while self-quarantining

Play online Real Money Games While Self-Quarantining

Go online and find an online casino and play real money online games. You can find so many games online.

You can choose to play online Poker or Blackjack, the list is endless. This way you will get to play your favourite games at home. You might even win real money while passing time.

Watch Movies

Sports have been cancelled so your best option is to watch movies online. Search for sites like Netflix and watch movies.  There are so many movies that you can watch online including action movies and sci-fi.

Do Some Exercises

Sitting at home may become a problem because you will gain more weight because you will be sitting on the couch all day. To minimise your time on the couch, do some exercises. Go online and find an exercise video that will help you in exercising.

All Communication is not Lost

You can still communicate with family and friends via social media. You can do video chats with your family and friends. This will ensure that you do not get worried about your loved ones because you will be communicating with them.

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