RTG Brings You Zombie 1

If you love living on the edge when you are watching a movie then Zombie 1 is absolutely your game. The beauty of RTG games is the fact that you live in the moment. As it is happening you get to control the characters. Zombie 1 is one of the new releases of RTG.

If it is the beauty of this game then we can go on and never stop. But let’s get into the really interesting stuff. And we are talking about those special features that will make you a millionaire in no time. Keep on reading and find this information useful when you decide to try out Zombie 1, which you should.

The picture shows the reels of zombie 1

Zombie 1

Special features

Be excited when a Zombie wild or mirror appears. The reason being that they might trigger two other wilds to appear on that same reel. So what this basically means is that you could be looking at big wins.

And they do not forget to give out the freebies as well. The mirror is also used as a scatter and can be used to trigger free spins. So you might want to look out for that. Let’s not forget the three warriors, and when these warriors appear you have to smile because you know that something big is about to happen. And we are talking about high-value symbols that you want to hear about.


When it comes to the payout, they would rather keep it as a surprise. But RTG will not leave you with totally no clue. What we do know is that the payout will be about 7, 500 times the bet per line. But that Intel alone tells a lot. This is the game that you want to go for when you want to live lavish. Hurry and create an account with Reels of Joy and do not miss out on the fun.

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