RealTime Gaming Set To Introduce Pulsar Slot Game

RealTime Gaming is surely moving with time. The gaming website is set to introduce a one of its kind game in 2020 named Pulsar. The Pulsar slot game is fiction based and has set its own standard in its gaming category.

Besides the space theme, the Pulsar slot game is also eliminating most of the standard features of slot games. It has a honeycomb design which, in turn, has a 5- reel setup. In addition, it is also coming with 20 active paylines.

Pulsar Slot Features

Majority of the features have a basing on cascading wins and different types of exploding Neutrons. However, the basic slot features like wilds scatter and free spins will not be in the game.

Space Theme

The Pulsar slot game comes with a unique space theme. The icons used are the famous stars in the galaxy. For instance, the sun, the moon and the earth are seen featuring on the honeycomb. The colours are on the dark and magical side with special effects.

Pulsar RTG Game Play

Pulsar RTG Game Play


Even though you still get straight lines, the design of the slots is different. The Pulsar slot game has honeycomb-shaped slots. In addition, the slots have a 2-3-3-3-2  symbols on the five reels.

Neutron Stars

This is the Pulsar slot game’s unique design. The Neutrons will come with different designs but will still serve the same purpose. However, after three rounds,  they will blow in different directions according to their different colours. The red neutrons blow in X shaped direction. On the other hand, the pink stars will blow horizontally and vertically. The blues stars blow downward. Lastly, the green stars will blow from left to right.

Other Basic Features

The game, however, comes with other basic features that come with most slot games. Pulsar slot game has abetting range of 20cents to a hundred dollars. The non- progressive game will be available on mobile phones.

Even though it has these basic features and the same results, they come under different names.  For instance, the cascading win leads to the elimination of the symbols involved. This allows other symbols to come in and create more winning opportunities.



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