The Best Poker Movies to Watch in 2020

Poker movies are what give you that extra jump to keep you going. Especially, when everything seem to not be going on well for you in the online poker room.

Or, if you have constantly been debating on whether or not you should try out the popular online casino game.

Here is some movie inspiration for our online poker players.  Some of the best poker movies with the best poker scenes that will leave you wanting to try out the game instantly.

Best Poker Movies

Poker movies

The Best Poker Movies


The name of the movie can actually give you an idea of what we are talking about, the best poker movies. To guarantee you of the best quality too, the movie comes with the holly wood A-List actors.

For example, casino has a cast of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. Therefore, if you have not been able to watch it yet, be sure of getting the best performance ever.

Also, the movie gives you an idea of what happens in the gambling sector. Additionally, you can find some quite intriguing poker scenes for your enjoyment.

Cool Hand Luke

The name of the movie will definitely have you thinking of that royal straight flush hand you can get on Reels of Joy right now. This will definitely have that real money rolling in. That is why we are putting this 1967 classical on the Best Poker Movies List.

Crime turn into a poker education moment for war veteran, Luke< who lands himself in jail after cutting off electric meters form their pole.

After getting into prison, Luke ends up playing poker. His ability at keeping an unreadable personality on the table leads to plenty poker wins. Therefore, landing him the name “cool hand Luke.”

Rain Man

It would not be a best poker movies article if we do not include rain main. More so the movie feature Hollywood heartthrobs Tom Cruise and Justin Hoffman.

Although card counting is not popular in most casinos, the movie can be a good inspiration for our online poker fans.


Instead of watching movies with no impact on your online gambling, try out these top three movies. It’s all about doing the best you can to win that real money online.


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