Pleasurable Eye Make-Up To Try On

Not everyone was born a makeup artist. But it sure is everyone who wants to look fabulous. Even when you are not going anywhere but you want to treat yourself to a good Reels of joy game. You still can look good in the comfort of your home getting ready to play for real money. Besides some of those pokies, games are pretty intimidating with a woman at their best with makeup that is on fleek you do not want to be left out.

And as we all are aware that eye makeup is not that plain sailing. But that is the reason we are. To give you the dos and don’ts of makeup. Not just that for beginners but even those that have been doing it the wrong way too.

The Simple Day Look

eye makeup

Eye Make


If you are that person who likes keeping it low key and casual during the day then you should read this. What you are going to need is; nude eye-shadow, soft peach eye-shadow, blush pink eye-shadow, deep brown or black eye-shadow a flat brush and mascara.

First off start by covering your eyelid with a nude shadow. Use a blending brush to give definition to your eye. After that go in with the pink eye shadow and fill in. most people find it hard to make that perfect crease. You can use your credit card to do so or even a fork or a spoon. Finish off the look with mascara and applying black or deep brown on the lash line that is on the bottom and lower as well and you are good to go.

Perfect That Wing

Having talked about the crease on the eye. It came to our attention that it is important we give you tips on how to have a well-defined wing. When you are doing the wing you will definitely need a steady hand. But if you are not don’t give up just yet. We did mention the card trick above. You can even use tape and draw your wing then remove the tap. Do not worry about the mess on the tap when you remove it won’t be showing.


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