Plants and Flowers That Bring You Luck While Gambling

Online casino games are all about luck and fortune, but the thing is that with both the two, there is no way that you are able to actually predict when they will come about. That is why many gamblers are superstitious and they try to bring about their own luck and fortune. And that is why today we shall look at some of the plants and flowers that bring you luck while gambling.

Plants and Flowers That Bring You Luck

Luck Bamboo- Dracaena sanderiana

The lucky bamboo is a water plant that also requires medium light conditions in order for it to grow. This plant requires very low maintenance and many gamblers believe that it brings good health, love, and wealth.

Orchid- Orchidaceae

Plants and flowers that bring you luck

Plants and Flowers that bring you luck

There is quite a variety of orchids in the world, over 25 000 different spices to be exact. And this is a plant that is believed to bring all its owners luck as well as good fortune. However, it does take a while to grow one and it requires patience as well.

Money Plant- Crassula ovata

The money plant is also known as the jade plant or lucky plant. This plant is believed to resemble the perfect harmony and balance and it can be kept indoors as well. When it kept indoors, it works as an air-purifying plant. Other benefits of the plant are believed to be radiation absorption and reduction of stress levels as well. The perfect plant for a gambler.

Four-leaf Clover- Trifolium repens

The four-leaf clover is one of the rarest [plants that you will ever come across. It is a plant that is believed to bring luck to all who find it. The four-leaf combination on the plantstands for faith, love, luck, and hope.  And if you want to play at a land casino, this one plant can easily fit into your pockets.

Peony –Paenia suffruticosa

This is a flower that comes in a number of colors and with two separate beliefs. The flower is believed to bring you luck, love, and romance as long as you do not keep an odd number of them. However, in other cultures, they believe that having the flower or even an image of it in the bedroom will cause affairs. So it is not supposed to be anywhere close to the couple’s bedroom.


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