How Your Personality May Affect your Gambling Habits

Every person has his or her own unique personality.

We shall look at the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. The inventory splits the personality types into four categories. We shall, however, look at a few of these personalities.

Real money casino gamblers can take a personality test based on this personality inventory.

Here are the categories


These are the architects, they are few and far between. If gambling will benefit them, then they will enjoy it. they consider things before they make decisions.  They are not risk takers so they are not high rollers. In addition, they play minimum bets because they bet small amounts of money. They would rather play games that have strategies so that they can control the outcome.


They are the inventors. They are inventive and highly logical, then you are an INTP.

Also, they do not like risks, sometimes they can be spontaneous.



These are the commanders, they are leaders. They love to apply their logic in order to win, especially if there are people to witness their winning. They can persuade you just by breading your mind, this is because they are good mind readers.


ENTPs are debaters, they are likely to enjoy gambling the most because they are concerned about understanding games.


People with this type of personality are called advocates. They are determined, decisive as well as goal-oriented.  Gambling is their escape because they need detaching once in a while. They love relaxing so casino games offer a time for them to relax.


These are the moderators, they are committed. They stand for what they believe in. for them, gambling is a form of entertainment.


ENFJs are protagonist, they are basically generous and sympathetic. They do not like disappointing other people. They are however comfortable with taking risks. They are good at card games because they know how to read people’s minds. Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack are their best options.



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