Guide to Cancelling Paypal Payments and Subscriptions 

Online shopping has become a new trend in the world of technology and innovation. But as much as we appreciate it. Doing online transactions can be very overwhelming. With shopping online we are all alone with our own troubles in case you encounter one. As we shop online we use different payment options and shoppers or even online gamblers can choose the best payment option that will suit them. However, Paypal is one of the most popular payment platforms online.

The payment option is all great and it offers you the best user experience. But for some reason, you might be forced to cancel a payment using PayPal. And you are not quite sure if it is possible and you don’t have an idea how to do it. Relax and do not be petrified. We are going to highlight some simple tips on how you can do away payments or subscriptions you never need.

Paypal payment


How do I Cancel a PayPal Payment

Are you aware that not all payments can be canceled? Well in some cases payments that have been made can never be reversed. But here is the good news you can simply contact the company you made a payment from. If the firm is not responding you can then contact the Paypal Resolution center and get help.

But in the event that your payment is issued and is still pending you can still get your money back through Paypal. And there is a way you can check your status. Here is how:

Step 1

Log in your PayPal account, look for the activity tab on the page. You will then be taken to the summary of all your recent transactions.

Step 2

Where you get here you can select the transaction you want to cancel. And by clicking on the transaction in question, a window that carries your transaction details will then appear.

Step 3

If your transaction is canceled you will then receive Refund this Payment button below the payment total. Thereafter, simply click and follow the following instruction.


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