Movies Coming to Netflix this November 

We love Netflix for the simple reason that it gives us some great shows and this month is no different. They have some great movies lined up for us as we move into the Christmas season. In this list, we give you just a few of the movies that you can expect to keep you entertained. Read on.

Netflix This November

Netflix In November

End Of Watch

Fans of police procedural films will be treated to some action with the release of End of Watch. The movie features Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as they play police officers who have to fight against gang-related crimes. The movie is surprisingly humorous, as well as heartfelt, showing us the reality of what police officers have to deal with every day. You can pause playing online casino games watch this amazing movie on Netflix.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Johnny Depp stars in this film. In the book, he plays a journalist, as well as a counter-culture figure. He soon finds himself embarking on a strange journey as he writes about sport. Soon, very strange things start to happen. We really think this was a great adaptation of the book by the same name.


This movie is about some teenagers who are attending high school back in the 1950s. in the movie are a boy and girl who treat us to a great romance story between a good girl and a greaser.

Rosemary’s Baby

This is a definitely great film for Halloween. We must say that there is really no Halloween without Rosemary’s baby, trust us. The movie makes us remember of Mis farrow as she journeys into the occult, motherhood, and paranoia. We get to see the story unfold in the eyes of Marrow. Of course, this limits our view but it does not change the fact that the film if great. This movie will definitely give you scares here and there. You will definitely jump out of your seat a few times.


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