Murphy’s Law: What is it?

There are some many laws that govern the way that we live. And one of the main laws that govern our everyday lives that of Murphy’s Law. This is one of the most frustrating and one of the most interesting laws that there is. The name Murphy’s Law may not be familiar to most people, however can guarantee that you have at one point in your life experienced this law.


What is Murphy’s Law?

Murphy’s Law is a law that states that what will go wrong will at some point eventually go wrong. That is why earlier on we state that this one of the most interesting and frustrating laws that there is. Though this law doesn’t have much of scientific backing, it most cases it just deals with coincidence and how life can change and go against you.

Examples of Murphy’s Law

As we have already said, that his law does not have that much of any scientific backing. But there are many situations where people have seen this law in action. An example of Murphy’s Law is when you are in a queue in a shop. The line that you are in doesn’t seem to be moving, but the next one is. And naturally you will shift lines. And as soon as you shift lines, the one that you left will start ,moving and the one that you are now in will stop.

Another example is when you are so used to doing things by the book. And the one day that you decide to just bend the rules a bit, you get caught and have to have the consequences. These are all examples of Murphy’s Law. That is why we said that this law does not have any scientific backing, but will happen to most people at least one time in their lives. What really causes this, we will never. Maybe Murphy had a clue that is why it called the Murphy’s Law.

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