Most Entertaining Slot Machine Betting Systems

Slot machine betting systems do not increase your chances of winning but some of them are very entertaining.

Here are some slot machine betting systems and how they work.

slot betting systems

Best slot betting systems

Slop Loss Limits, Win Goals and Naked Pull Limits

You should have a naked pull limit. A naked pull  is a spin of reels that results in no winnings and it should be limited.

You should also have a slot loss limit. When you lose a certain amount of money you should learn to quit before you use all your bankroll.  You should set a certain percentage of your bankroll as your loss limit. For example 30 percent of your bank roll, if you lose that then you know it is time to stop playing.

You can forget how much you are losing when i8t comes to slot machines which is why it is important to have these things. They do not improve your chances of winning but they will help you to know when to play or to quite.

Straight 60 Slot Betting System

This system allows you to have a 60% stop loss system. It is a basic system that says if you lose 60% or win 60% you then quit playing.

The system works sometimes but it will not work in the long run.

The Zig Zag System

The system states that if the symbols on the face of the slot machine are in a zig zag pattern, the slot machine is getting closer to payout.

This means you should play that machine. The system is not really easy to understand. The system has no legitimacy though because slot machi0nes use Random Number Generators to determine winners.

The Martingale Slot System

The syste7m involves doubling the size of your bet after each loss. The secret is to find lowest bet on  slot machines in the casino. there are slot machines where you can bet a quarter on a single bet. You can bet bet more than one coin on that game.




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