Must-have iPhone Apps for March 2021

Back here, we love the fact we are able to achieve anything and get most tasks completed with our phones. In fact, we are able to play our favourite online casino games, post our photos and videos online, edit our photos, watch movies, and so much more.

This has been made possible by the fact that a lot of technological advancements have been taking place almost every day. Not to be left behind, iPhone has ensured that there are new apps on the App Store, and also that other apps get updates in order to keep up with other mobile OS.

iPhone Apps for March 2021

iPhone Apps for March 2021

Below, we share with you some of the iPhone apps for March 2021 that you should have.

Google Chrome

There is no denying the fact that Google Chrome is probably the best web browser on the market, and is so much better than Apple’s Safari. What makes it really great is the fact that it is very lightweight. Also, you will find it very easy to sync your information, browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, and so much more, across all devices.

You will also be able to save data by making a few tweaks and you can open as many tabs as you want at a time.


Having been removed from iOS 6, youtube has made a comeback and has now become an essential app for the iPhone. With this app, you will be able to upload as many videos as you want online,m as well as stream a million other videos that are available on the app.

The great thing is that you will be able to find a lot of content on the site, no matter your preferences. We also love the fact that you can download and use this app for free. At the same time, it comes with a premium subscription-based service. With the premium service, you are able to download playlists and play them offline. You also get to watch videos free of ads.

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