How To Keep Your Singing Voice Health

If you are a singer whether in a choir or a band on stage you should keep your singing voice healthy. Your vocal health can make a break or make your performance. Here is an article with the top tips for keeping your voice healthier.

How To Keep Your Singing Voice Health

Keeping Your Singing Voice Health

Singing Practise

You should warm up your voice before chanting. And there are a variety of exercises to suit all ages, vocal ranges, and levels of experience.  In addition,lways ease into your exercises by first warming up your facial muscles loosen your lips. Apart from that, you should not be afraid to make some noise while warming up your voice.

Take Vocal Naps

If you work out, you know how important rest days are. A tired voice, just like a tired body, is more prone to injury. If you’re sick if your allergies are flaring up or even if you’ve just been working your voice a lot take time to rest your voice.

That means no talking, no chanting, and no whispering, which is terrible for your vocal cords. In addition, a tired voice needs time to regenerate, so the longer you rest it, the better. And vocal rest gives your delicate vocal folds time to heal.

Avoid Singing From Your Throat

For a person to sing well and to maintain your vocal health, you need to understand your body and know where your voice is coming from. Moreover, you should never sing from your throat. The power behind your voice is your breath, and your breath should be supported by your diaphragm.  In addition, chant from your core, allow your vocal cords to relax, and let your voice resonate in your chest, pharynx, and face.

In conclusion, this is what you should do to keep your singing voice healthy.

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