How to Avoid Knee and Hip Surgery Joint Replacement

Knee and hip osteoarthritis does not always lead to joint replacement surgery, experts say.

If you really want to avoid knee surgery, make sure you lose weight and exercise. This is the first line of defence if you really want to avoid surgery.

Staying at home is very essential when you are healing from a knee and hip injury. While you are at home find some things that interest you like playing real money online casino games.

Joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement

What is Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is removing a portion of your damaged joint and mounting equipment that will help you to walk without pain. They are made from plastic and metal

Risks of Surgery

Doctors use an anaesthetic to do the surgery, and there are real possibilities that you may react to the anaesthetic.

At the same time, your age may present challenges if you want to undergo surgery.

Risks may arise is you have a cryonic disease or if you are overweight.

 Here is what you can do if you want to avoid surgery.


You need to strengthen your muscles that support your joints in order to avoid straining them.

When you run or walk, all the pressure will strain your joint if your quads are not strong. If your quads are strong, less pressure will be transferred to your joints.

Exercise while lying down in order to strengthen your quads. Raise your foot into the air while lying on your stomach. Do leg lifts as well as raising your foot into the air while lying down.

Do leg lifts to strengthen your hips, these include clamshells and extensions. Go to the Gym and use weight machines if you do not have them at home.

If you exercise every day you should see changes after two weeks. You can then exercise two or three times a week.

Weight Loss

Losing weight can reduce the pressure that you put on your joints. If you are overweight, all the weight will be transferred to your joints when you walk. Eat healthily, do not starve yourself, your body needs energy.

When to Seek Knee and Hip Replacement

If you exhaust every option possible and you are losing your ability to move you should seek surgery.

If the knee and hip are severely damaged then you will need surgery.

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