Retirement Pitfalls You Must Keep Away From

Most retirees have retired lifestyles that lack excitement, contribution in significant ways, personal growth, positive challenges, and fulfilment. As a result, in this article, we list the 5 retirement pitfalls you must avoid. By doing so we hope that you will understand situations that you are likely to encounter, giving you a better chance of avoiding them. Let’s unpack each one of them so that you understand.

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Retirement Pitfalls

5 Retirement Pitfalls you Must Avoid

1. Lack of Money

The feeling of not having enough money may frustrate and paralyse you from having a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. The goal is to not spend more than your earnings. Always live within your means and be content with where you are. Make your financial situation work for you so that you feel empowered and free.

2. Lack of Permission

Lacking financial resources may lead you to believe that you don’t have permission to enjoy life and follow your passions. You may have enough money to spend on a new “retirement toy” but you might not be confident enough to buy it. The lack of financial resources, permission and encouragement may give you this feeling. You can handle anything and buy anything that you can afford. Yes, you can!

3. Isolation

Trust me, a little isolation is healthy! Get away from all of life’s hurdles now and again. Isolation helps you to rejuvenate your physical and mental energy, to decompress and gain mental clarity. However, make sure you have a lot of social interaction during your isolation to prevent depression, cardiovascular problems and other health problems.

4. Waiting for Milestones

Milestones measure your progress in life and compare you to others. Given the way we are all raised up, it’s so easy to measure our lives in terms of milestones. While milestones are vital for our growth and development, they may also hurt your retirement lifestyle and fulfilment. Don’t wait for a certain milestone in order to achieve something in life. If you want to do something and are able to do it at that particular moment, go ahead. Do it!

5. I Have Nothing Of Value To Contribute. I’m Not Relevant

Many retirees are affected by the feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You must shift your thinking in order to find new value in your experience. You have more value than you think!

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