Interesting History Facts

Interesting history facts are always fascinating to know about. In fact, history has proved to be addictive to some extend because the more you learn about it is the more you want to know about it. Unlike gambling addiction, the addiction to know more about history is actually good and encouraged.

That way heritage is preserved and new generations become aware of what was in the past. Thanks to technology, now you can easily find interesting history facts online at any time. Below are some of the interesting history facts.

Greek and Roman Men Made Fun of those Who Wore Trousers

During those years, Greek men used to wear chiton. A chiton is a traditional tunic that in those days was complemented with a heavier clock. Roman men also had the same dress code that the Greek men had.

The ancient Greeks and Romans men regarded trousers as feminine while at the same time thought of them as barbaric. Tribes like Persian, Celtic and Germanic who wore trousers were laughed at and regarded as uncivilized.

Interesting History Facts: Lottery is an Ancient Chinese invention

This is an interesting fact considering that now lottery is a popular activity anywhere in the world. However, it was indeed invented in China; the first use of lottery to be recorded was in China around 205 BC in the Han Dynasty.

The most popular lottery game in those days was Keno; even now, it is still being played in some casino today.

Execution Used to Be Done By Elephants

As surprising as this may be, it used to be a method that was used for capital punishment. This was practiced in many Asian countries back in the day. Records have it that in India elephants were used as way of torturing, crushing and dismember convicted criminals.

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