Interesting Facts About Fashion Trend

Have you ever notice that people usually like the fashion sense of celebrities they consider to be their role models or public figures they admire the most? Most of the times, celebrities and public figures are the ones which influence dressing trend. Here is an article with the amazing facts about fashion trend.


Michael Jackson


Who Influences Fashion Trends and How?

Most of the time fashion trend is influenced by celebrities. People usually like to have the same taste as public figures or celebrities. Take for example most of nick Minaj’s fas usually wear clothing that portrays Nicki Minaj’s style.  Also, people who adore Michael Jackson usually wore clothes that portray his sense of style.

Still, on that point,  culture is also influencing dressing trend. People usually wear clothes that go along with their cultural values and norms. If one’s culture restricts women from wearing trousers you will find that women from that culture will wear different skirts and dresses of different designs but you will never find those ladies wearing trousers even for a day.

Let take for example Indian ladies wearing Saree. They look so beautiful in their Sarees such that nowadays you find women who are not Indians wearing Sarees just because they are nice. Adding on, internet is also influencing fashion trends, or should we rather say social media.

Most people copy their dressing taste from the internet or social media. The clothing which most people are wearing on these social platforms gives so much credibility to the fashion trend. Thus fashion can be made popular by the internet or social platforms.

Celebrities’ Influence To Fashion Trends


The famous actress Brigitte Bardothe is the one who first starts with the off-shoulder dressing . Most women and other fashion designers find the style beautiful and start making many beautiful off-shoulder tops.

Contouring in Make-up


Kim Kardashian is the one who starts with contouring in make-up. This is a type of makeup where it shapes one’s face to appear long. Kim Kardashian might not be the exact person who starts the trend. But she is the one who made the trend more popular.

In conclusion, celebrities are the ones who influence dressing the most.

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