A Gambler’s Insight on Australia

Aussies are known to be a fun bunch. The kind that you always want to be around. We are well known for our language and slang, blunt to the point of being rude. And we love our beer. Talk about people who are patriotic then you can never afford to miss Australians being on your list.

This August you definitely have something to be excited about when we talk about Australia. Each year from May to August hundreds of alien creatures on the South Australian coast gather. Where they use all the amazing and dazzling cells in their skin to put on a light show in the beautiful waters of Australia. So you definitely have every reason to love Australia.

love aussie mapA Very Social Lot

Not only do we know how to bond over a cold or warm beer but this ritual also comes with a little bit of meat. There is no doubting it, we love our Barbeque. That is proper lingo for a Barbie. Whether it is at the beach or backyard its is what brings us closer. There is nothing as exciting as people who celebrate being patriotic every day of their lives.


There is no way you thought that we were going to avoid mentioning our love of avos. Yes, we are like a little continent of avocados. In salads, sandwiches spread on toast you name it!  There is no better way to relax and get in touch with your own kind through a bit of good food. Talk about pea and ham soup, damper, lamingtons then you are speaking the Australian language.


There is no reason at all you can’t go to the beach in Australia. We love our summer. Unlike other parts of the world where the sun is distasteful. Australia is where every activity is a little more fun. Even the online gambling is better in Australia.

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