How to Make Your Own Ripped Jeans At Home

Ripped jeans are not that difficult to make. This is something that you can do with the stuff you have at home. Making ripped jeans need practice and patience.

Make Your Own Ripped Jeans

Make Your Own Ripped Jeans

Online casinos can be played whilst making jeans. Below, we give you ways to make your jeans ripped in the comfort of your home.

Select Jeans That Fit You Well

If you use the jeans that have been won to rip up your jeans, they can give you better results than new ones.

Gather Your Supplies

A pair of jeans and something sharp is what is needed to make your jeans ripped. If you want to create holes in your jeans, use something sharp like a pair of scissors or a razor.

Select A Spot to Rip

Moreover, put your jeans on a table and use a pen or chalk to mark the places that you want to rip.

Use Sandpaper to Start Fraying The Jeans

Sandpaper is used to start rubbing out the part of your jeans you want to rip. This makes the jeans easier to rip because the fibers are loosened.

Furthermore, you need a razor to create frayed patches on your jeans. Fraying is seen as the fastest way to rip up your jeans because the jeans will be given a more rugged look.

Place Your Jeans On A Flat Surface

In addition, you take dress pins to mark the place where you want your jeans to be ripped.

Safety Is Required

Also, if you are going to use a razor or knife to make up your ripped jeans, having a pair of gloves helps to minimize dangers like cutting yourself.

In conclusion, you can see that making ripped jeans at home is easier than buying because you will then know the parts that you want to rip.

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