How to Make Money As Musicians In 2021

Some of the revenue streams in this article might seem obvious to you, but others might not have tried them yet. And hopefully, the following revenue streams for musicians will help people for generating a lot of money for their music careers.

Play Live Shows As Musicians

Performing live shows is one of the methods that can musicians use in making money. And is also the best way of selling merch. And because of COVID-19 restrictions, musicians are now doing their traditional way of performing live shows and touring. They are going to avenues to perform their live shows. And these include bars, restaurants, clubs, coffeehouses, house concerts, colleges and music festivals

Offer Fan Subscriptions

If you have subscriptions, fans will subscribe to your website or through a particular platform. And pay a monthly fee for access to rewards and content, like your entire discography, plus any new releases. In addition, you can also offer early access to your latest music and videos, merch discounts and exclusive subscriber-only live stream shows. Moreover, subscriptions can be amazingly rewarding for you and your largest fans. Also, subscriptions can help you to create a recurring income stream from your songs.

Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding can be a good way to produce the money you may need to cover all the expenses needed in producing and marketing your album. But it should not be treated only as a way to make money. It brings connection with your biggest fans. Also, it brings the creative journey with you, from songwriting, recording, until your album is complete. Moreover, the most important keys in making money as a musician are to be able to communicate, be creative with proper planning.

In conclusion, as a musician you can make money through live shows, offering subscriptions and running a crowding campaign

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