How To Back Up and Restore Files on Your Computer

Backing up and restoring your computer files is very important as it will safeguard your most valued files. Taking preventative measures may be helpful because if you accidentally delete a file you can easily restore it.

There are steps that you should follow in order to back-up and restore files on your computer.

Back-Up and Restore Files

Set up Back-up

Set up a backup and restore.  Follow these steps to set up the backup centre.

  1. Click on the start button and enter the control panel
  2. Select backup and restore under system security

    Back-Up and Restore Files

    Back-Up and Restore Files

  3. Click on set backup, type your password if you are asked for one.
  4. Select external drive, this is where your files are going to be stored
  5. Now select the files that you want to backup, these may be the files that you consider important
  6. Click next, two options will appear, you either “Allow Windows” to choose or “Allow me to choose.” Review backup settings and see if they are what you want and then back up, that is if you chose to allow windows to choose. Click next after that.
  7. Save the settings that you have selected and run backup.
  8. Turn off automatic backups by changing schedule. Set a weekly backup schedule.

How to Restore Files

Use Windows file backup wizard to restore all files. Follow the steps below

  1. Your files have been saved on an external drive so now all you have to do is connect the external hard drive to your computer.
  2. Click Start, go to control panel and select backup your computer.
  3. Then Click on recover my files or restore all users, you will see the file recovery window will appear.
  4. Click search, browse for files or browse for folders and then add the files that you would like to restore.
  5. Afterwards, Click next after you finish selecting files then save the reco0vered files in the original location or other locations.
  6. Click restore so that backup wizard will restore, click finish when it is finished.


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