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Everything in this world has roots where it started. And we are always here talking about gambling. But have not told you where it all began. At times when you recite the origins of a game that is when it starts making sense. And that is when you know how to play the game and find more about the history of gambling.

Keep on reading and get an interesting insight on how it all started. With some of the facts that are going to be mentioned in the article, you are going to be shocked. Because it might not be something that you never expected.

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When we talk about gambling we are not just talking about any ordinary thing. We are talking about different cultures that were infused into one common culture and that is gambling. What are we really talking about you ask? Well, all the aspects of gambling have different origins.

The art of gambling did not come from one source, rather the history of gambling is rich. But different rivers that contributed to the blue seas. In China, the games of chance were discovered. We are talking about games that you can’t manipulate but only your luck is there to save you.

In Egypt is where the dice was the king of games. We are talking about the paintings that showed animal fighting. People placing their bets on that.  From there then why not come up with one whole thing we call gambling they thought.

China with their love for games they were the first to have white pigeon ticket played in gambling houses. But with the permission of the governor, who also got to enjoy benefits from the bets. And from that time onwards gambling spread and become a sport, activity that everyone did appreciate up till present day.

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