5 Best Hidden Object Games for iPad

Back here, we are huge gaming fans, and we also love gadgets that allow us to play our favourite video games. Lately, we have been hung up on hidden object games. This is because it feels so good to be able to analyze environments and spot hidden objects. On top of that, the games reward you for all your efforts!

Hidden object games will present you with a peculiar environment where you must be able to find various hidden items. Of course, these games require a lot of patience and focus, which delights you each time you actually pass a level.

In this post, we focus on the best-hidden object games for iPad. Boy, are we in love with the iPad! This device has a huge display, which is just perfect for gaming. On top of that, it is super powerful, allowing you to enjoy your favourite games with no glitches at all. Without wasting much time, here is the list of the hidden object games that you can play on your iPad.

Hidden Object Games to Play Now!

Hidden Object Games

1. The Secret Society

This is quite an interesting game with an engaging storyline. In the game, you get to see a group of people who actually have some secret powers. These secret powers allow them to travel between two worlds, ours and their magic world.

During it all, your uncle ends up going missing, and because you have some special powers, it allows you to solve the mystery. During your investigation, you pick up some hidden objects, as well as some clues. These will eventually lead you to your uncle.

The game offers you many locations that you can explore, up to 70. On top of that, you get to participate in aver 5,000 quests, as well as play puzzles and other mini-games. The great thing is that you will be able to play this game on your Android devices too, and it’s free. However, it does contain some in-app purchases and ads.

2. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

We must admit; this PC game looks really gorgeous and gives you the chance to travel around while you look for some hidden objects, as well as some treasure and other various things.

In the game, you get to solve your friend’s mysterious disappearance in a hidden mysterious city. You decide to go to the city that is habituated by some bizarre fog, and things like ghosts, so as to search for your friend

There, you get to find various hidden objects, and some clues, to the whereabouts of your pal. Gladly, you get help from new friends as you go along.

This game is available on iPad and iOS for free, although it contains ads and in-app purchases.

3. CSI: Hidden Crimes

This game is available on both iPad and Android, and as you have already guessed, it is more like the TV show by the same name. You are tasked with solving different crime scenes with the help of hidden clues that you pick up from the locations.

To make the game more exciting, you get the chance to actually interrogate some suspects, as well as closely analyze the clues. Each level in the game is an episode that is separated from the next. If you want to pick up clues and solve puzzles much faster, you can actually create your own crew to work with.

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