Be the go-to guy!

Writing this we thought that is rather a vague topic don’t you think? But we knew what it is exactly what we want to talk about. And this month of November we are encouraging people to be the best people they can ever be. Here at Reels of Joy, we are going with the theme of being the person who you want to see in the world. And have you been wondering how you are going to be that person? That is easy, we are going to give you easy tips on how to become that go-to guy.Pic showing a go-to guy

Give to The Needy

This month of November we want to spread some love. Those clothes that you no longer want or fit. Share them with someone who truly needs them. Make someone smile this festive season. There are those clothes that we get from relatives and we really do not want them. Instead of throwing the clothes away give them to that person who is begging in the streets.

Start a Project

Have you ever thought about starting a small project that could help you and those in need? Maybe you are a performer or an entertainer, start showcasing your talent to those that do not have the source of entertainment. Or even spending time with people that need your talent and will appreciate it.

In all of this believe it or not but as much as you are helping others, you are also helping yourself. Take it as a self-improvement project. Have you ever heard the theory that says when you are helping others you will also be helping yourself indirectly?

For you to empower and inspire other people you have to empower yourself first. Believe in yourself and help others. And you will see what an amazing experience that this is.

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