Types Of Gambling Strategies

Playing real money casino games means that we are always looking for betting strategies that we can use to get the best out of the game. Not that the strategies can help us win, but it is nice to sometimes play with a plan in mind. That being said, today we look at the three different forms of gambling strategies that players will money likely come across. Namely, these are Negative progressions, Positive progression and flat betting.

Gambling Strategies Online

Gambling Strategies Online

Types of Gambling Strategies

Positive Progression

The Reverse Martingale is what we call a positive progression strategy. What we mean by this is that the strategy takes advantage of the players wins and works on adding more to the wins. Such strategies will have a basic rule that players should increase their bets when they are winning and decrease them when they are losing.

Negative Progression

The negative progression strategies are the exact opposite of the positive. They mainly focus on players recovering their losses when they play. Such strategies include the Martingale and the Grand Martingale. These strategies will want players to increase their bets when they are losing and decrease them when they are winning. That way, when they win after having lost for a number of times, they will win amazing real money rewards.

Flat Betting

The flat betting strategies neither negative nor positive. Players will basically win or lose exactly the same amount that they bet with to being the game. They do not involve any increasing or decreasing the bet. All that you have to for us to decide on the amount of money that you want to bet and stick to it.

Can I win 100% with strategies?

To be honest, no you can not. While strategies can outline the manner in which you can place your bets, they have no effect on the house edge. That is why there are so many of them. If there was a strategy that worked 100%, there would no longer be any online casino as we would have won all the money.


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