Over the years gambling has become a global activity. You are guaranteed to find a great casino in many cities around the world. If you enjoy travelling but also love the game there is no need to worry at all as the odds of you finding great casinos all around the world are great. Here we are going to be listing down some of the biggest and most famous gambling cities in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas is one of the top gambling cities all around the world. Everyone has surely come across the news and fame of Las Vegas gambling. Vegas has a boulevard called the strip with about 75 casinos which include the Bellagio, MGM GRAND Las Vegas, and the Venetian. Many gamblers dream of going to Last Vegas to experience a gambling adventure of a lifetime.

Monte Carlo, Monaco (Europe)

Monte Carlo sits in one of the smallest cities in the world but still manages to be at the top of the biggest and famous gambling cities in the world. The most popular casino found in Monte Carlo is Casino de Monte Carlo and it has featured in many James Bond movies.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (South and Central America)

Argentina permits legal gambling in horse racing and other various casino game in all its provinces. Some of the top famous casinos in Buenos Aires include Casino Buenos Aires, Campo Argentino de Polo and Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo. The city has 8 casinos with 1509 gaming machines and slots.

Macau, China (Asia)

Macau is said to be more like Monte Carlo. The city has 41 casinos.  Out of the 41, 20 of them are considered as part of the biggest in the world. These casinos include Casino Ponte, MGM Grand Macao, Sands Macao, and City of Dreams Resort.

Cairo, Egypt (Africa)

Even though it’s a Muslim State which prohibits gambling, Egypt has a very well-developed gambling industry. Cairo has the most casinos in Egypt.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has 10 casinos with 635 table games, 2016 gaming machines, and slots. The casinos to look for while in Sydney include Crown Sydney and the Star. Sydney is amongst the best gambling cities in the world right now. At the same time, its not surprising why they are on the list.


Gambling and fun casino games are not only limited to one place. One is sure to find many exciting and proper gambling games all over

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