The Gambler’s Fallacy

Belief. This is one thing that can get people to do crazy things. This is because what we believe is what ultimately droves us into becoming who we are. This is true for all people, especially gamblers. That is why we have what is called the Gambler’s Fallacy. Never heard of it? Well then allow us to tell you all about it. As well why we say what we believe can make us do crazy things.

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is a belief among gamblers that is something keeps on happening then it has to stop. Or if something hasn’t happened in a while then it due to happen soon.  Sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it. Allow us to give you a few examples of the gamblers fallacy. Take fop instance you have been spinning the reels on online slots for a while. And all along you haven’t been winning. The fallacy will then come in to play when you believe that you are due a win. This is because ion your head since you haven’t won in a while, the game now owes you a win.

The Gamblers Fallacy

The Gamblers Fallacy

This may sound a bit too far fetched, but you will be shocked as to how many people actually follow this when they gamble. The gamblers fallacy has been know to make ort break gamblers. This s because they believe that the casino games now owe them something, yet in actual fact they do not. And it is all in their head.

Does The Fallacy Actually Pay Off?

There are times when you believe that you are due a win, and you actually win. This however had nothing to do with what you believe. It is just the random number generator that would have generated the win. That is why when you play online casino games, make sure to try and never base anything on the gamblers fallacy. No matter what your friends or colleges say. Just remember these are games of chance. And as such, wins should be treated as chance as well.

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