Animals You Did Not Know Can Fly

We all think that only birds and insects can fly. But, there are a few other creatures in nature that will surprise you.  And, according to scientists, these have actually evolved with time until they have managed to master their flying skill.

So, after winning that real money at your favourite online casino, travelling will definitely be on the list. Therefore, this article is going to give you a hint on what to expect when you bump into some of these animals in the forests.

Flying Fish

We never knew that flying fish can fly, we all thought that it was just a name. But, it turns out that the fish can actually fly. And, according to the encyclopedia, there are over 60 species of flying fish in the sea right now.

Additionally, the research done also shows that the fish uses this as a defence mechanism against underwater predators.  And if you are to go into the deepest oceans you will find fish that can get up to 200 meters for 45 seconds or more.

The Ptychozoom

The Ptychozoom is a type of a flying gecko; therefore, if you are afraid of lizards then you might want to stay away from these. These can mainly be found in the humid Southeast Asian forests. Basically, the lizards will be leaping from one tree branch to the other, but this gives them the flying effect.

Technically, the lizards will be spreading out their ribs, and this makes them look like they have wings. Additionally, these lizards have the chameleon effect whereby they can blend in with anything as a form of protection.

The Flying Squirrel

We all know that Squirrels can be quite fast, but there are some squirrels that can actually fly. it turns out that rats are not the only flying rodents. And, a fun Fact is that they actually use their tail as a braking system. When you see them in the air,   the squirrels look like parachutes or kites. This has to be one of the most beautiful views you can get to see while vacationing.

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