Fashion Styles According to the Occasion

Fashion can be defined as one’s sense of dressing.  It can also be described as how people dress according to a different occasion. What makes fashion more interesting is matching different outfits according to certain occasions.

How to dress according to the occasion

One should always choose a dress that suits the occasion they are attending. One cannot attend a funeral wearing a ballgown or swimwear Colors also contribute to dress codes.  Thus it is important choosing the perfect dress that suits the occasion. It is also important to know the dress code of the event before you attend any.


Types of Fashion According to the Occasion

Smart casual

Smart casual can fit almost every occasion except for swimming.  For women, it can be slim dresses or body-hugging dresses, pencil skirts, chiffon blouses, heels, and a fashion blazer. For men, it can be slim-fit trousers or a chino, a t-shirt, and a blazer.


fashion styles according to the occasion

fashion styles according to the occasion


Business casual

This is something you can wear during a business meeting or a formal meeting. The colors must be dull maybe marron, navy blue, brown, and black. For women formal dresses, pencil skirts, formal trousers, and a blazer. For men, chinos, shirts, and blazers.


Funeral wear

This is a dressing that shows bitterness. In common cases, people wear black when attending a funeral. it shows that darkness has befallen the family. It differs with culture and traditions. In some cultures, people wear white when attending a funeral.


Dinner wear

Usually, women wear sparkling clothes when going for dinner. Some wear tight long dresses and others wear short dresses. Dinner wear is usually there to lure two people into a romantic mood. Men wear slim fits and nice formal shirts when going for dinner.



For swimming people wear clothes they feel comfortable swimming with, for ladies, some wear bikinis and some wear swimming costumes. For men, some wear mini shorts and some wear their underpants.

In conclusion, these are the fashion styles according to occasions.

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