Edible Roses that You Can Snack On

edible roses

Edible roses

A lot of online casino players did know this, but there are a number of edible roses that are not only for decoration. You can also get to add them on your quick snack meal. Ladies, if you get the following roses on Valentine’s Day, you are free to eat them with your chocolate as well. Roses are healthy options for a healthy salad or flavouring.

The Generous Gardner Edible Roses

These edible roses take their name from the point that it is a climbing rose that comes with a generous amount of flowers. This means more food if you are thinking about snacking on them. The Generous Gardner can grow up to 15 feet. The flowers are large and they come in pink colour with a beautiful delicious fragrance to add on to it.

Wild Roses

This type of roses is common in most places. But, it is quite seasonal, therefore, you will need to be able to be careful about how you handle them. While getting your snack you might want to leave some for the next season. These edible roses have some of the tastiest buds that you can ever find in the rose family.

Lady of Shallot

Just like The Generous Gardner, these edible roses were bred by David Austin. They are disease resistant and they come in a pretty appetising apricot yellow colour. And, they make a really delicious cup of tea as well. The best part of this rose is that it can also grow on very poor soils, therefore, they are quite easy to keep.


The Rosa Blanc Double de Courbet grow into some of the most beautiful rose bushes. You can get to snack on these throughout summer and the beginning fall. Also, they come in orange-red hips and you can use them for dried or cut flower displays.

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