Do Not Let fear Bring you Down

There is no shame in feeling down at times. But just don’t let it become a habit. Life is full of peaks and valleys. We really can’t control most of the situations. What is important is how we choose to react to them. Be an individual that doesn’t believe in burying feelings because that is the worst life choice you could ever make. Don’t be afraid of fear.

Pain is demanded to be felt and thus one should always feel it. Allow yourself to be buried in your feelings and if there is a  need for you to cry, then cry. Just remember to wipe your tears and pick yourself up.

Get Rid of Fear

Say No to Fear

What Fear does to People

The writer has been mumbling for quite a while. So how about we get on with it. Often people are depressed because they feel suffocated by something. This can be the environment or the people that surround them. And growing up we were always told that you just don’t cut off people because you might need them. But at times you don’t need people especially when they give off negative energy.

The fear that is within us is that when we let people go, we are left alone. And as a result, we get lonely, and being lonely is many people’s greatest fear. But holding on to what is toxic might kill you slowly inside, and that is worse than fear.

What to do…

We all have choices we make in life and these choices are not always easy. Sometimes you have to let go and positive things will come your way. You close one door, and another one opens. Have you ever heard people say that sometimes the good things in life do not come to us simply because we are holding on to the bad? And once we get rid of those bad intoxicating things then the good things will come to us. Think about it!

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