Common Mistakes That Can Render Hand Sanitizer Ineffective

Common mistakes can be costly while using hand sanitizer. In recent months the use of hand sanitizer has increased due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Hence the best way to keep hands clean has been to make use of hand sanitizer. Especially when soap and water are not readily available.

As much as having an alcohol-based sanitizer is very important. It might be enough to just squirt some on your hands and do a quick wipe. One must always look out for the CDC standard which states it must contain at least 60% alcohol and expiry date. Moreover, be mindful of the following mistakes.

Common Mistakes: Not Using Enough

Based on the CDC enough amount of sanitizer should cover the entire surface of your hands. Not using enough sanitizer is the common mistake people make. You need not worry about using too much as it does no harm. According to health experts using too much is better than using too little.

Not waiting for the sanitizer to dry is another Common Mistake

The sanitizer inactivates the bacteria and viruses on your hands before drying. Hence the recommendation to rub your hands for 20 seconds until they feel dry. However not doing so will result in you rubbing your wet hands on something else and make it useless.

Relying solely on hand sanitizer is yet another Common Mistake

As stated earlier, hand sanitizer is a great resource when soap and water is not readily available. However whenever possible washing hands is the most effective proven method. Moreover, grease or dirt on hands from handling food will not be dealt with hand sanitizer.

According to health experts, people think sanitizer is a reasonable substitute for washing hands. This might cost you. The above common mistakes can sure render hand sanitizer’s effectiveness. Punters can use these guidelines to avoid costly mistakes.

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