Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slots

Even for experienced players, colossal reel slots can leave you scratching your head. Many people just don’t understand the pay lines. Today, we are going to take a closer look at them so that we can help you understand what they are all about. Read on and learn!

colossal reel slots

colossal reel slots

Colossal Reels

Classic slots and video have been around for some time now but gone are those days when slot games used to be just basic. Casino software developers are constantly looking for ways to make their games more appealing. It is in that regard that colossal reel slots were born. WMS is well known for the colossal slots.

Yes, we understand that they are confusing, but we are here to give you the basics so you can enjoy playing them. The reels are the main things that separate colossal reel slots from other types of slots. Usually, colossal reel slots come with two sets of reels, which is a great innovative feature, if you ask us.

How Do Colossal Reels Slots Work?

A very good example of a colossal reel slot game is Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome Slot from WMS. The game comes with two-reel grids. The first one is a 5×4 screen, while the second one is a 5×12 grid.

Most of the times, these types of slots have more than 100 ways to win. Also, they come with stacked symbols. This is something to smile about as it increases your winning chances. Just like other slot types, you can change the number of active pay lines.

Also, most colossal reel slots come with Transferring Wilds. What it means is, if you land a stack of wilds on the main grid, these wilds will then clone and then transfer to the second grid. This obviously boosts your chances of winning. What most players love about colossal reels is the fact that your chances of winning are always doubled. That’s pretty amazing and the more reason why you should play them today!

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