Casino Language that you Should Know

In every field of work, there are certain ways they use to communicate. Just like how people in a certain areas speak the same language to understand each other. That is how it works, people work with the same occupation have a language that they alone can understand and few others. The same thing with sports, when you hear play ball then you know that it is baseball or softball. In casinos, they have a certain way of speaking that they also use to communicate. For gamblers and casino game players here is your dictionary that you definitely need to master.

Frequently Used Gambling Lingo

Betting limits; we started off with the simpler terms that many people might be familiar with. When someone is placing a bet there is given a limit that they can bet. Or it might not be a betting limit of money but of the number of times, one can actually bet.

Bankroll; this refers to the amount of money that a person comes with. The money that a person actually intends to spend on the bets. One should not confuse it with the casino money.

Casino talk

Casino talk

Colour up; this term is usually used in table a game that is blackjack and poker. Chips have different colours so when you hear the dealer say colour up it means that change the smaller denominations to larger denominations. This is very popular in poker tournaments. Small denominations are one colour whereas larger denominations have other colours. So in simpler terms, one is being told to change from one colour to another colour.

Croupier; croupiers are also known as dealers. Those are the people that are appointed by the house to conduct the bets. They are found on table games such as online baccarat, online craps andĀ online roulette. It is a French word that means back up another, and that other they are backing is the casino.

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