Types of bonuses offered at online casinos

The good thing about online casinos is getting bonuses. Some may wonder what these are. These are just extras given to players by its casino. They come in many ways and in different packages. Some come as welcome packages, some as different kind of promotions. The main goal is to encourage customers to join the site and to keep existing players from moving to other sites.

This bonus is one of the reasons why some players prefer some online casinos over others because they want better bonus packages. Here are some of the types of bonuses offered at online casinos.

online casino bonuses

casino bonuses

Welcome bonus

These bonuses are offered by every site to the player. When you sign up at a casino for the first time you receive this type of bonus. It can be free spins or deposit match bonus. You can only receive these when you signing in for the first time.

No deposit bonuses

This is usually free bonus money from the casino that you can use to gamble with for real money. This is a special kind of bonus because you don’t need to make a deposit to be able to enjoy it. Soon after signing up this bonus package is offered to you. you

can even win using this bonus.

Loyalty bonus

Being loyal pays when it comes to online casinos. There are bonuses that comes to players who have been loyal to a particular site. Having played there frequently and for a long time such players are recognizes and given loyalty bonus.

VIP/ high roller bonus

Those who bet large amounts of money have a special bonus. These high rollers or VIP players that often wagers high are eligible to these bonuses. They come in different forms. You get high top treatment in the casino, you receive birthday gifts, Christmas gifts. You also get free tickets to sport tournaments and even sponsored holidays.

Payment method bonus

Some casinos offer bonuses for using a certain payment method to deposit. There are many payment methods you can use to deposit money at an online casino. Therefore some certain casinos offer bonuses for using certain methods. You can only get these when you use the required method by the casino.

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