Blackjack Tips That Will Lower House Edge

There are blackjack tips that you can follow in order to improve your advantage. You may find Blackjack strategy complicated when you first attempt to play the game. However, the strategy is not complicated at all.  You will find that every decision that you make may affect the house edge. Some gamblers may not want to learn strategies of the game because they think it is hard which is not true. If you master the strategy of the game, you may be able to lower the house edge to just 1% or lower. Here is how you can lower the house edge.

blackjack tips that can lower house edge

blackjack tips that can help lower the house edge

Go To A Table That Has Player Friendly Rules

Every table is not the same as most players always assume. This is because stakes vary according to each table. Blackjack tables are different which is why you need to find one that is player friendly. If you play at tables that have player friendly rules, you have better chances of winning. This is why you need to know which tables are good and which are not.

Play Online Blackjack

You have a better chance of finding a good Blackjack game online than in land based casinos. Online casinos do not have a lot of expenses as compared to land based casinos. However, you still have to check whether the rules at the table are player friendly whether it is an online casino or a land based casino.

Know The Basic Strategy

Knowing the basic strategy of the game will help you lower the house edge. If you combine strategy and rules you will be able to lower the house edge in a massive way. If you want to learn the strategy of blackjack, find an online chart that will help you. It will show you the moves that you need to make depending on which card the dealer shows.

Make Sure You Do Not Take Insurance

There are side bets and insurance that you may take. Make sure you do not take these. This is because side bets and insurance make the house edge higher.

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