How to Improve Your Blackjack Results

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world of gambling. The game also goes by the term 21 which refers to how you can work to your maximum total without exceeding 21. In as much as most people are familiar with this game, not many are familiar with strategies that can help them get better results. This article is going to give some tips on how to improve your blackjack results.

Use the Basic Strategy

In the Blackjack game, there is a term called the basic strategy which is recommended for all players. This has some basic rules for playing blackjack one of the basic rules is to avoid taking insurance at all costs as there is no money produced at all even if some dealers choose to call it even money. Blackjack is one of the simplest games that one can even learn from family and friends. After some general training at home, you can then apply the basic strategy.

Table Rules are Important

It’s very important to know a set of rules that every blackjack game has before playing. If the game has a set of good rules chances are high that your results will improve since there will be a low house edge. One of the basic rules is that if the number of decks being used is low then the game will easier for you.

A game using a double deck is harder than a game using a single deck of cards.  Another important rule is that players should stay away from tables that do not serve 3.2 payouts and the BlackJack surrender where you can surrender your hand and get back half of your wager back.

Be the Dealer

One of the tricks to use to get the best results from the blackjack game is to host the game instead of playing the game. Though one should take precautions before doing this because it could be illegal as hosting casino games requires a license.

To be able to host a game at home one has to make sure the game is quiet, fair and seek some legal advice to stay on the safe side. The house always wins when it comes to the BlackJack game.


The BlackJack game may be one of those games everyone is familiar with but without the proper knowledge, one can find themselves on the losing side.  So it’s important to master some strategies that can help you achieve the best results when playing.

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