Other Bitcoin Uses Besides Online Gambling

Bitcoin is widely used in the online the gambling industry, however, there are other Bitcoin uses. Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity. Banks have no control over the currency, Bitcoin is usually used to get around restrictive laws.

Here are other uses of Bitcoin besides real money online gambling

Purchase General Goods and Services

Acceptance of Bitcoin has been very slow. Most retail shops now accept BTC. Also, there are popular stores that now accept BTC, examples of these shops are Microsoft, Expedia and Overstock.

bitcoin uses

bitcoin uses online

Hide Money

If you wish to hide money, Bitcoin is the best. Also, It is not connected to a bank, your name is not attached to your Bitcoin wallet.

Anonymous Donations

You can also use BTC if you want to make anonymous donations. Also, There are controversial causes like Wikileaks, maybe you would like to donate to the cause and remain anonymous. This is possible with BTC.

Making International Payments is one of the Bitcoin Uses

International payments have been made easy with BTC. They are fair and quick, they are very easy to make. You do not need a third party for your transaction to be processed, the process is approved by miners.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin

There are steps that you need to follow in order for you to start using Bitcoin.  Here are the steps listed below.

Sign up and Deposit at a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Certain cryptocurrency exchange only allows you to trade one cryptocurrency for another. This means if you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, this trade will not work. However there is other BTC exchange that you can use that will allow you to deposit using money, those are what you need to use.

Buy Bitcoin

After you fund your exchange account, you can then purchase Bitcoin.

Chose Where to Store your Bitcoin

you can leave your Bitcoin on an exchange if you trust the site.

Additionally, You can also set up a wallet and transfer your BTC there.

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