How Biometrics Change the Casino Adventure

Biometrics  are a way  to ascertain  origins  of DNA  when there is a crime . Scientist also use use them to determine a person’s true identity.

casinos are now looking into bio statistics as a way to bring more convenience to its customers.  The technology is  also helping in  keeping unwanted people out of casinos.

Firstly, let us look at the word biometrics. This is the measurement and statistical examination of people’s unique physical and behavioral traits.

Most countries are using Biometrics  since the 1920s.   Finger prints were used to identify a person, after that facial recognition came into the picture.

There is  also DNA identification, this method of identification exceeds all other forms of identification methods  to date.

Now even your phone knows your every move.

Biometric Casino 2020

Reasons why casinos introduced biometrics

While the introduction of biometrics in casinos may seem like a good thing,there is a risk because not only your face is seen.

Casinos introduced them because they  help not only the casino but the gamblers as well

biometrics can collect information, the use of the collected information can be dangerous.

Casinos have introduced biometrics in a move to try and keep unwanted people from entering casinos. These include suspected cheaters, card counters and the dress code in some casinos.

Facial recognition is the first line of defense in guarding against offenders.

if card counters and people who are not dressed up to the casino’s standard  try to enter the casino, they will be thrown out.

So if you want to play real money games and feel that your  dress code does not resemble one that  land based casinos prefer then simply find an online casino and play.

In 2019 Bloomberg reported that some casinos in Macau are using facial recognition.  Not only to prevent unwanted players from entering the casino but also to identify high rollers and whales.

Australia has introduced a that regulate the use of biometrics. The Bill , Australian Passports Amendment (Identity-matching Services) Bill 2019  raises privacy concerns.



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